Character Concept art – Photo-bash

Cyberpunk Design

Character Concept art – Photo-bash – Cyberpunk Character Concept art – Cyberpunk

verità su azioni binarie Un manuale pdf opzioni binarie online professionale, dal corso base per principianti al corso avanzato per completare la tua formazione come Trader. Clicca Qui! I want to share with you my process of using photo-bashing techniques to create characters designs faster. This video is a time-lapse break down of using photo elements to help create your character designs.

I love working this way as it is much more efficient when creating new ideas fast. 

As a concept artist your role is to create new design ideas and to do this within a strict time frame. 

The techniques covered in this video will help you to create concepts faster and utilise photos as a tool to create new and interesting ideas. 


follow url The Pre-process 

Before I stared the painting process I used a 3D base to help with the overall anatomy, lighting and placement of the photo elements.

This way you can save time and focus on the design of your character. 

I use a programme called Daz Studio, which you can download for free here.

I then rendered it out in key shot but you can also use the built in iray render in Daz studios to create the same realistic effect of the skin. Here is a great tutorial for using the Daz built in render. 

Other free programmes, which can be used to render, is blender, which you can get from here.

What is great about pre rendered characters is the lighting, which can help set the tone for your image and the camera angle, which can be tricky to draw if it is a dynamic pose.


source site Photo-bashing

Many of the photos that I use are royalty free or my own, the website that I have found to be a useful resource for me is Pixabay, they have a good collection of images and are high resolution.

Once you have an initial sketch the process is pretty simple. You find photo elements, which you feel best communicates your concept and integrate them in to your base image.

Its always good to gather reference images which can inspire your idea before you start the painting process.


strategia opzioni binarie a 30 minuti Over-painting

Over painting is helps you to combine your photo elements together to really bring your idea to life.

go to link This is an important step in Photo-bashing

Simply using photos is not good, as it will look like a collage of random images, which does not communicate the key idea. This is where your fundamental are important.    

Don’t be afraid to make rapid changes to your photo elements and heavily paint over them as you can always go back and start again.


operazione di tarding Lighting

Lighting is important when you photo bash as it will make your image pop.

What tends to happen when you use images is that they have existing lighting, which will not match the overall lighting of your painting.

This needs to be fixed when adding your images. The technique which I found to fix this is by clipping a layer above your image and using the multiply layer. Select a dominant colour and using a soft brush stroke out the light element and then merge it down.

This will give you a flat image, which you can then work in the lighting to suit your images light direction.


source site Conclusion

These are just a few pointers, which will help when you create your own designs.

Many of the techniques are covered in the tutorial, which will help you built a strong concept.

If you have any questions about the techniques covered in the tutorial leave them below and I will be happy to help.  

Check out our blog page for more tutorials and articles.     

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